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Susanne M. Robicsek, Charlotte NC Bankruptcy Attorney
Concentrating in bankruptcy law since 1988

NC Bankruptcy Lawyer in Charlotte North Carolina for Chapter 7 / Chapter 13


Susanne M. Robicsek
A NC bankruptcy attorney and a native of 
Charlotte North Carolina, who has concentrated
in the field of bankruptcy law since 1988. 
         Robicsek:  pr.  Row-Be-Check

J.D. Wake Forest Law School 1987
B.E.D. Architecture NC State Univ. 1982

I am a former law clerk to Judge Rufus Reynolds, US Bankruptcy Judge for the Middle District of North Carolina.  I have been a bankruptcy lawyer since my clerkship in 1988.  I worked for some excellent bankruptcy firms in Winston-Salem, NC and Charlotte, NC before I started my own law firm in 1993. 

I am involved in many organizations  and volunteer with various public projects.

I am active in NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) and the North Carolina Bar Association (Past President of the Bankruptcy Section.)

I didn't set out to be a bankruptcy lawyer.  I have a degree in architecture, and I went to law school with the intent to be a contruction/development lawyer.  However I was lucky enough to be hired by a bankruptcy judge in 1988 and found bankruptcy law to be a great fit for me. 

I worked for some excellent bankruptcy lawyers before opening my own practice in 1993.  I handled Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, worked for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy Trustee, but I liked representing consumers and small businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 the best and have geared my practice to helping individuals get control of their finances a fresh start.  I love the interactions I have with my clients, getting to know them, and making a difference in their lives.

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What I think it takes to be a good lawyer:

You have to understand people, be sympathetic to their situation, but be able to lead them through a difficult time with good legal advice, dignity and respect.  My twenty three+ years of experience give me a foundation of knowlege which helps me help my clients go through bankrutcy as smoothly as possible. 

To be a good bankruptcy lawyer, not only do you have to learn a lot about the specific area of law of bankruptcy, but you must have a good grasp of other areas like real estate, wills, mortgages, divorce/family law, criminal, etc.   Every day is filled with clients with their own unique situation and most areas of people lives are impacted by their financial situation. 

I believe that to best serve a client, you must look beyond the obvious issues, which is normally a list of debts owed. 

You have to understand what things in the past lead to their trouble, what problems they have now that need to be addressed, and what can be done to set the future up for a fresh start and financial stability.  Dealing with the debts is often just a piece of the overall puzzle, if you take the time to look at the client's entire life.

The best bankruptcy lawyers will look not only at what is readily seen, but also what is not.  No two clients are alike, and you have to pay attention to the situation to make sure that you address the particular needs of each one. 

These are just some of the important questions to look at when trying to find the best solution each client seeking help.

  • What is the imediate problem?
  • What lead to the problem?
  • Will the problem reoccur?
  • Are there non-bankruptcy alternatives?
  • How does it affect the family?
  • Is bankruptcy as good option, and which type?
  • Is bankruptcy able to solve the entire problem, or are there other issues to look at?  
I also believe in educating my clients about the law so they understand what bankruptcy is, how it works, and why it will help them.   I do not want my clients to go through the process without understanding how bankruptcy works and why they chose it. 

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The Law Office of Susanne M. Robicsek is
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I file bankruptcy cases for people in financial need,
and have been doing so since 1989.

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