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Because of the new law, we are required to get more information to prepare a bankruptcy petition.  Below are the documents that we need from you to prepare your paperwork.  While you don't have to bring all of this to your first appointment, if you have some or all of it and do bring it with you, it may be helpful. 

NC Bankruptcy Lawyer in Charlotte North Carolina for Chapter 7 / Chapter 13

Items to fill out and/or bring to your first appointment that I will need:

Your driver's license.  

Your spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or other person you are financially intertwined or involved with.  If you are separating or thinking of getting separated, then it might be better if they don't come to avoid a conflict of intersest.  If you have a question about whether or not they should come with you, please ask in advance.   Coming to the consultaiton doesn't mean they will be filing bankruptcy too, but some information may be requested from them, there are aspects about your joint finances that affect my advice, and therefore it is often very helpful to have them at the first appointment in many instances.  If you share an apartment with a 'regular' roommate, splitting expenses and paying your own way/share, they probably don't need to come.

A simple list with the name/balances on all your debts.  If you owe it, please write it down even if you don't want to include it in your case.  This includes mortgages, car/boat loans, timeshares, cemetary plots, credit cards, loans, loans from friends/relatives, etc. If you filled this out on the internet and submitted it to me on my web form, you don't need to do it again.

Very helpful at the first meeting but you should not worry if you can't get all this together for the consultation.  While some questions can not be answered without this information, I am still able to answer general questions and we will have plenty to discuss in your meeting:

Recent / Typical paystubs

Get (and print out) the value for all your automobiles from

Values for boats, motorcycles, RV, trailers or any other items of significant value.

Homeowners Only:  A copy of the last property tax statement for your home.  If you live in Mecklenburg County, you can get this information at

A copy of your credit report if you have one.

Legal documents:  Copies of any lawsuits, judgments, exemption documents, levies divorce / separation papers.  Especially the divorce / separation documents.

Items I will need to prepare your paperwork, so start to gather them now as you can, especially if your run across it as you go:

A social-security card or other document with your social security number. 

Copies of the last three years income tax returns.   If you haven't filed returns, you should ask about this.

A bill from each original creditor even if old, plus any collection letters you have from either the orginal creditor and/or any debt collector or collection department that has contacted you.

Pay stubs (or equivalent documents) for the last 6 months for all household income.  This may include income information for non-filing spouse, regular contributions, partners' boyfriend/girlfriend, family contributions, etc.  If money comes into your household, you should tell me about it and provide documentation.


While you may be asked to provide a year (or more) records, at the least you should gather the following items: 

A list with the current balances on the following can be very helpful at your first meeting.
You should begin to assemble your most recent statement for:

  • Checking accounts
  • Savings accounts 
  • Any other banking accounts your name is on
  • IRA Accounts
  • 401(k) Accounts 
  • Educational savings accounts
  • Any other retirement or pension type accounts
  • Stock/brokerage accounts
  • Other financial accounts that you have in your name, control, custodial accounts, children's accounts, parents/other people, power of signature or keep your money in. 

Fill out the Form for First Appointment  -- click below to go to the form:   

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