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Head of Security


Sassy Robicsek 
Sassy is a Cairn Terrier (like Toto) who was rescued at the age of 3 in December 2010.  Don't let her size fool you.  She keeps watch over the office and bosses everyone around.  Sassy's main focus in her job is to be sure that all new people who come in the office are noticed and greeted.  She also lets us know if dogs walk by, squirrels taunt her through the window, or there are any odd noises that she doesn't recognize. 
A plus with Sassy is that she is hypo-allergenic (for a dog) and doesn't shed much.  A minus is that terriers, like cats, seem to like to be in charge and don't always listen! 

She greets everyone (loudly).  Though cute, please let her come to you and do not bend down or come towards her quickly.  She warms up very quickly, particularly towards men.  She is often found at the feet of our male clients, staring up at them adoringly.   
During meetings with clients, she is often asleep on her bed or under the table, but does like human contact, and is always more than willing to sit on someone's lap if they really need a little extra hug. 
If she gets too involved in alerting us to what is going on outside, she does get banished! 

FOSTER DOGS, and friends

Occasionally, we provide a temporary home for foster dogs up for adoption, or we have friends / family dogs stay with us.  

Mr. Baxter available for Adoption March 2012

March 2012
Mr. Baxter

Baxter is a wonderful Golden / Lab mix who is looking for a new home and is hanging out with us for a while.  He is housetrained, crate trained (which we haven't used) laid back, fun and loving.  He is about 1 and 1/2 years old, and his previous owner had to surrender him when he was unable to care for him.  Update:  Mr. Baxter was adopted in Feb 2012 by a wonderful family who reported that "it was if he had always been at in our home with us."  He was just one of the many wonderful dogs up for adoption through www.LuckyLabsRescue.com .



Bubba is Sassy's boyfriend.  He is a Shih Tzu and a bundle of energy.  When his owner's go out of town, he stays with us and comes to the office.  When Sassy needs a place to stay, it is often with him.
  Bubba is very lively, and loves people.  He goes to work with his owner too, and is very socialized.  He failed at security duties at our office, and was quickly moved to the Guest Relations Dept. 


December 2010

Daisy was a lab mix who we watched for a few weeks in 2010.  She picked up house manners very quickly and was a great house guest.  We were sad to see her go, but she was adopted by a family in Penn. with several boys, and is very happy.   Her new family said that she is a neighborhood favorite.   



Now renamed Cooper and Bailey, these boys were in a high kill shelter in NC with a grim future, left as part of an unwanted litter of 9 puppies by the owners of their momma.  They were terrific puppies, almost housetrained by the time they left, and very little trouble (as puppies go).    Having just lost Tanner, these boys helped with healing as well as breaking Susanne of any notions that raising a puppy was a good idea!  They were adopted together and live in Pennsylvania with a man who had lost his two labs (also brothers.)  They got a beach house!

In Memory of Tanner Robicsek 
March 1998 - October 2010
She started the trend.
Many past clients ask about Tanner when they call.
Tanner was adopted in 2002, and the previous owners failed to mention that she had extreme separation anxiety.  It was so bad that she really couldn't be left alone.  We tried all sorts of things before finally deciding to try to see how she liked going to work.  Other than not being good by herself, she was a wonderfully trained dog, sweet and gentle.  She loved having a job, and the clients loved her, so she came to work every day.
Sadly, I lost Tanner to a breathing illness.
She provided comfort and reassurance to everyone who came into the office from 2002 until 2010.  Tanner knew just when to give clients a little extra attention, and was the greeter and receptionist while she was here.  She is sorely missed. 



.  Tanner was a yellow lab rescued in 2002.

.  She was the official greeter. 
.  She was also in charge of comforting any nervous clients.
.  She came to the office everyday for 8 years and she took     
    her job very seriously. 


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