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Bankruptcy Lawyer Susanne M. Robicsek

1701 Scott Avenue Charlotte NC 28203    (704) 377-0776

Experienced Attorney Concentrating in

Consumer Bankruptcy Law since 1988

Focusing on the Families .....

The Law Office of Susanne M. Robicsek
1701 Scott Avenue
Charlotte NC 28203
(704) 377-0776

A little bit about Susanne Robicsek

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I am a lawyer who has concentrated in bankruptcy law since 1988, and I have the knowlege, training, and experience to help you with your financial problems.  I graduated from Wake Forest Law School.  My first job as a lawyer was working for a US Bankruptcy Judge, and I found the area of law to be a perfect fit for me.  Being a bankruptcy lawyer has allowed me to make a difference by offering help to clients who face overwhelming debts, automobile repossessions, and home foreclosures. 

I have 28+ years of experience, primarily in bankruptcy with a concentration in consumer bankruptcy.  I am a Past Chair of the Bankruptcy Section of the NC Bar Association, am frequent speaker at legal education seminars, have worked on planning commttees for legal education seminars, speak upon request for public groups,  volunteer for many projects and committees. 

If you come in for a consultation with me, it doesn't mean that you are going to file for bankruptcy.  You are just coming in for a balanced legal review and have an opportunity to talk to a lawyer.  My goal is to help you make an informed decision before trying plans that can cost you thousands of dollars that may not solve your financial problems.

I take a 'holistic' approach to bankruptcy, think outside the box, and look beyond the obvious issues and problems.  I attempt to use bankruptcy to get at the heart of the matter, instead of being a temporary bandage placed on an infected wound.

Because I am a licenced NC lawyer I am free to give legal advice and recommendations that credit counselors can't.  As an attorney I can discuss legal matters like bankruptcy, lawsuits and judgements, but I can also discuss the non-bankruptcy options too.  Plus, I can compare their outcomes to filing for bankruptcy.  It has been my experience that credit counselors and debt management / settlement programs only present their particular services.  They don't mention other options that might be better for you, such as bankruptcy even if it might be better for you.   Since they aren't lawyers, they are not allowed to give legal advice but they seem to use this to their advantage even if it hurts the people they work with.

I am a founding member of the Bankruptcy Law Network, a blog started by a small group of bankruptcy attorneys.  We were one of the first cooperative attorney groups, and are still among very few that are not run by a pay-for-lead generation or pay-for-advertisement company.    You can find a wide variety of articles that are actually written by experienced and practicing bankruptcy attorneys, not by paid ghostwriters or website designers.  The Bankruptcy Law Network provides reliable public information and discussions about consumer financial matters and bankruptcy law.   www.BankruptcyLawNetwork.com


"Bankruptcy can balance budgets, directing income towards monthly expenses and the payment of more important items like my clients' homes and cars, taxes, and child support instead of towards credit cards and unsecured debts who may be harrassing the clients for payment.  I love seeing the expression on clients' faces when I tell them that they can take care of their family's needs again and save a home from foreclosure after they had given up on it."

"I hate hearing clients say that they wish that they had spoken to me earlier:  Before they had wasted money in debt repayment plans that were doomed;  Before they had used savings or sold assets but it didn't solve their problems;  Before they spent years worrying about problems that they thought they couldn't solve only to find out that bankruptcy provided an answer."